Thursday, July 5, 2007

Worldwide Wind Energy in 2006-2007

According to the World Wind Energy Association:

In 2006, 14,900 MW of wind power were added, bringing the global installed capacity to 73,904 MW by the end of December. The added capacity equals a growth rate of 25 %, after 24 % in 2005.

WWEA is predicting that another 16,000 MW will be brought on line in 2007, bringing the total to 90,000 MW, followed by another 19,000 MW in 2008.

Based on the accelerated development, WWEA has increased its prediction for 2010 and expects now 160,000 MW to be installed by the end of 2010.

More numbers for 2006: Five countries added more than 1000 MW: the United States of America (2,454 MW), Germany (2,194 MW), India (1,840 MW) and Spain (1,587 MW) were able to secure their leading market positions and China (1,145 MW) joined the group of the now top five markets and is now number five in terms of added capacity, showing a market growth of 91 %.

Five countries added more than 500 MW and showed excellent growth rates: France (810 MW, 107 % growth), Canada (768 MW, 112 %), Portugal (628 MW, 61 %) and the United Kingdom (610 MW, 45 %). The most dynamic market in 2006, Brazil, faced its long expected take off and added 208 MW which equals a sevenfold increase of installed capacity within one year.

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