Friday, July 13, 2007

Understand Your Electricity: Why Light Bulbs Matter

Leaving a 7-watt cable modem on 24/7 for a year uses about 63 kWh---.6% of the typical household's yearly total of 11,000 kWh.

Leaving a 60 Watt bulb on for a year uses 547 kWh--about 5% of the typical yearly total.

Our house has two modems and 50 light bulbs.


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Steve said...

I wonder how much electricity is being used by bloggers to post a "green message".

No joke... seriously

Lilia Ford said...

Response: assuming a 60 watt computer, and 1/2 hour to read the blog, think up, and then post the comment--with the computer running--you would need .03 kWh to post your "green message." Seriously.

Unknown said...

More importantly how many watts did she help SAVE by creating more awareness with her green message?