Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Sierra Club’s 2% solution

From their web site:
The world's scientists agree: Global warming is real, here, and happening faster than anyone predicted. But scientists also say we can curb global warming and its consequences -- if we take bold, comprehensive action now that adds up to an 80 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2050. That's a do-able 2 percent cut a year for each of the next forty years.

The Sierra Club’s 2% solution

Comment: 2% is quite modest when you think about it—at least in the beginning. If we start with our “Al Gore” base-line rate of 6.75 tons or 13,500 pounds of emissions, we would only have to reduce our use by 270 pounds a year, about the equivalent of one CFL light bulb. On the other hand, by the end of our 40 year period, our emissions will have to be a meager 2700 pounds, a reduction of 5.4 tons per year.

Just changing to wind energy reduced our emissions by 1.9 tons a year—a 28% reduction. Luckily for us renewable energy is an option in New York. Changing our light bulbs and getting serious about turning lights off has reduced our electricity use by about 20%. Unfortunately, these two reductions somewhat cancel each other out. If we added a car as efficient as the Toyota Prius, we would reduce our emissions from our base line by 50%.

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