Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting started

It is helpful to establish a base-line so you can keep track of your progress. Al Gore’s site allows you to calculate your current emissions. It is worth seeing how your family stacks up against the average. According to the calculator, we emit 6.75 tons/year, which is “average.” However, when I switched us to 100% renewable electricity, our impact went down to 5.3 tons, “smaller than average.” If we drove a Toyota Prius instead of a Honda Odyssey, it would go down to 3.3 tons—very tempting. On the other hand, if we drove a Range Rover it would leap up to 8.5 tons--more than the Hummer!

It is also worth it to keep track of your electricity bills so you can see how many kWh you generally use in a month. Then as you put in place energy savings measures, you can see if your hours go down. Our energy savings measures have had a definite pay-off. Our average daily usage is down by about 5 kWh, which works out to about $30 per month.

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