Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Carbon Tax / Green Tax websites

There is a growing movement (I hope!) recognizing the value of Carbon Taxes (aka, Green Taxes, Tax Shifting). The basic idea is we should tax the stuff we hate (pollution, carcinogens) and stop taxing things we want more (employment).

There are a few great sites on the web -- some that just popped up recently -- explaining the issue. Here are the links:


Run by Alan Durning, author of a great book on the topic, "TAX SHIFT":

Run by Economist Greg Manciw, it is a conservative economists' argument for Green Taxes.

The Libertarian/Conservative argument for Green Taxes:

Great quote in favor of replacing Income Taxes with Carbon Taxes: "Real conservatives really hate the income tax—even more than they hate hippie environmentalists. This should be an easy sell."

The Liberal/Environmentalist argument:

Friends of the Earth:

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