Thursday, September 27, 2007

CMI's Stabilization Categories

Continuing our look at the Carbon Mitigation Initiative, here is a list of the different categories, and the most promising possibilities within those categories, that could be capable of producing a whole or partial wedge of abated emissions. Each wedge effectively prevents 1 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year, or 25 billion tons over the next half century. To stabilize atmospheric carbon concentrations, seven wedges are required.

Wedge Summary Table




Efficient vehicles

Reduced use of vehicles

Efficient buildings

Efficient baseload coal plants

Decarbonization of power

Gas baseload power for coal baseload power

Capture CO2 at baseload power plant

Nuclear power for coal power

Wind power for coal power

PV power for coal power

Decarbonization of fuel

Capture CO2 at H2 plant

Capture CO2 at coal-to-synfuels plant

Wind H2 in fuel-cell car for gasoline
in hybrid car

Biomass fuel for fossil fuel

Forests and agricultural soils Reduced deforestation, plus reforestation, afforestation, and new plantations

Conservation tillage

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