Thursday, August 23, 2007

Garbage Truck Factoids

Here are some factoids on Garbage Trucks from Inform, an organization dedicated to "pushing the boundaries of green innovation":


  • An estimated 136,000 garbage trucks, 12,000 transfer vehicles, and 31,000 dedicated recycling vehicles haul away America’s garbage (179,000 vehicles in total).

  • An average garbage truck travels 25,000 miles annually, gets less than 3 miles per gallon, and uses approximately 8,600 gallons of fuel each year.

  • Over 40% of garbage trucks are over 10 years old, making it the oldest fleet in the US.

  • The average diesel-powered garbage truck costs over $170,000 and is not retired for 12 years.

  • Over 27,000 organizations in the waste industry employ over 280,000 people.

  • 82% of collection services are carried out by private companies, and 18% by public entities.

  • Industry revenues for 2000, including waste hauling and recycling, exceeded $43 billion.

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